Lewis & Morgan {Downtown Houston Engagement Session}

So many people ask me why engagement sessions are important (additionally, why does it should it to be with the photographer you'll have at your wedding)  - which is a legitimate question.  When you're on a tight budget you have to cut where you can, which I completely understand!  I ALWAYS encourage engagements, however, because they really do make a difference to your images on your wedding day!  Let me explain.  Even if you've met me before (over coffee or at a wedding show) you still don't know me - you don't know how I work and what to expect. 

I love this time with you because we can get to know one another!  It's so important that you, as a bride or groom, are comfortable with me - because I'll be with you on one of the most important days of your life.  And often - I'm with you getting dressed (for brides :)) and encourage you on your wedding day (for both!)!  I want you to be comfortable with me and trust me in this process and on this day!  In addition, this time is low stress versus the wedding day - you learn some great poses while you're not rushed so IF we are rushed on your wedding day you know what to do! :)  Usually I see nervousness when we get to your location and by the time we leave we're laughing and having a great time!

I also love this time getting to see the chemistry you two have!  As you can tell these two have such great chemistry and it just lights up on camera!  I love to see the love between you!  We spend our hour (or more, depending on changes of clothes/location!) laughing, talking, learning about one another, and even discussing some of the wedding day!  It's important that I know which side is your "good side," what makes your groomie laugh out loud (I love those images!), or if I need to adjust the closeness I see when I say 'look at each other!'  

Another great question is about props!  I think it depends on your personality and style!  I've seen a lot of Pinterest inspired props for sessions and I've also seen the simplicity of no props. Both sessions were incredibly unique, and should be to the couple- if you have to have them, use them - but if you like the simplicity of just you and nature, that's great too!  

If you do have props, however, I would recommend having props that really mean something to you - are they meaningful to how you two met or what you guys are loving?? If so, LET'S USE THEM!  In 10, 30, 50 years will it have meaning to you?  That's the important part!   You'll see Lewis & Morgan's props included in their session that are meaningful!  They both have a love for the game of soccer and met that way too!  So we added these for fun (Ps. ISN'T HER RING GORGEOUS?! I love adding a fun picture of your ring too!)

Also, I will say, these two braved the HOT weather and just glistened in the heat!  I can't wait until the cool weather hits (hopefully, close to September 16th? Right Lewis and Morgan??) and these two will enjoy beautiful weather on their wedding day!

If you'd like to see more of their session, just click here



PS: I'm excited to start a blog Q&A series on important questions to get the most out of your wedding photography!  What kind of questions would you have about engagement sessions?